.. but the truth is a greater friend than Plato

Zeus the god who simbolize the sun and the knowledge Δια--DIA--DIELL-DIEG

History lover and researcher. Enemy of  'widely accepted' and 'academically wellknown'. Reserchear of the ' opposite evidence'.

I beleive that the history of the Mediteranean is completely a fallacy which must be changed. Wrong nations(especially the Greeks) enjoye the credits for the excelent ancient cultures, pretending their descendence from them.

 Zeus was the most powerful god ever. He was called the God of the Sky and his weapon was a thunderbolt. Since he was such a powerful god, he didn't have much time for his family.

I have chosen for myself a nick-name "zeus", because Zeus simbolize knowledge, and I am all the time eager for it. I beleive knowledge is the greatest power a person could have.

Stories from ancient greeks

Epiriotic language/albanian